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INSPIRE CfA External Evaluator
Call for Applications: External Evaluator for INSPIRE

INSPIRE is currently accepting applications from external institutions and companies interested in participating in the evaluation of the project’s activities. The evaluation aims to identify strengths and weaknesses, providing evidence-based recommendations for enhancing INSPIRE’s goal of becoming a sustainable center of excellence.

GEAM tool
A Closer Look at the Gender Equality Audit and Monitoring (GEAM) Tool

In a world striving for gender equality, it is vital to have tools that help organisations navigate the path toward balance and fairness. The Gender Equality Audit and Monitoring (GEAM) tool can provide the necessary insights to identify disparities, track progress, and implement effective policies. 

Exploring the GEAM Tool

inspire conference participants
INSPIRE Conference 2023: Pioneering Inclusive Gender Equality in R&I

Earlier this month, the INSPIRE Conference in Budapest gathered more than 70 brilliant minds from around the world, coming together to dive into critical themes like gender equality, intersectionality, and Gender Equality Plans (GEPs).

INSPIRE support packages
INSPIRE Support Packages: What they are & their role for the Communities of Practice

In the context of INSPIRE, Communities of Practice (CoPs) are key to building capacity for change, for two reasons: 

ewa krzaklewska isa
INSPIRE is represented at the International Congress of Sociology

What if we told you that the news about our project has reached the other side of the world? 

That's right, our partners are always enthusiastic to discuss the project's objectives in various events around the world - after all, the discussions on gender equality measurement and intersectionality are not limited to a particular region, but they are happening on a global scale. 

inspire conference budapest
INSPIRE Conference in Budapest: Concept & Programme

Since the publication of the ETAN report in 2000 by the European Commission, much research has been devoted to understanding the reasons for and the consequences of the underrepresentation of women in research.  

the future is intersectional
The future of Gender Equality Plans is intersectional
Tackling gender inequality has been high on the European Union’s agenda from its origins. In 2022, to advance gender equality in Research and Innovation (R&I), the European Commission made EU funding to universities, research institutes and the private R&I sector conditional on having a Gender Equality Plan (GEP).
inspire booth gs23 africa
INSPIRE takes part in GE Summit Virtual Event

A virtual exhibition where you can interact with visitors and present your project's work - who would have thought this was possible only a few decades ago? But luckily for us, technology is working in our favour this time, allowing us to network with similar initiatives from across the globe, create valuable partnerships, and gather inspiration. 

inspire group photo ljubljana
INSPIRE team reunites in Ljubljana for its second project meeting

A little update from our team: we've just got back to our homes after a few days in Slovenia, as the INSPIRE team had the opportunity to meet again in person, and this time right in the heart of Europe, in green and charming Ljubljana!

INSPIRE Knowledge and Support Hubs
What are INSPIRE's Knowledge & Support Hubs (KSHs)?

To support the implementation of Gender Equality Plans (GEPs), foster the co-development of innovative practices and training, INSPIRE will bring together practitioners and academics in the field of Gender Equality in Research and Innovation and set up four Knowledge & Support Hubs (KSHs):


SPEAR conference participants
The importance of collaboration, coalition and mobilisation for driving Gender Equality work forward

As coordinators of the concluding H2020 project SPEAR, we had the great opportunity to use the occasion of SPEAR’s final conference to make a dream come true: gather what we have come to appreciate as a growing and steadily strengthening community of Gender Equality (GE) practitioners, scholars, leaders and policy-makers for

INSPIRE workshop
INSPIRE holds high-level workshop in Berlin

How does the future look like for gender equality in research and innovation? 

The simple answer is that the future will look however we make it look. If we join forces, coordinate our efforts, and are persistent in our approach, we will create a more inclusive research and innovation environment.