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World Science Forum Declaration calls for greater inclusivity in science
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The 10th edition of the World Science Forum took place on 6 - 9 December 2022, in Cape Town, South Africa. The central theme for the event was Science for Social Justice. The programme included a special session on intersectionality and inclusion in science, organised jointly by the INSPIRE partner, Portia, and the Human Sciences Research Council in South Africa. The main output from WSF 2022 was a Declaration setting out the commitment by Forum participants to meet responsibility and seize the opportunity for the production and application of knowledge to challenge inequality, marginalization, environmental destruction, climatic disruptions and other forms of social injustice. The INSPIRE project will help achieve these ambitions by responding to:   

  • The need for science to assume a greater role in addressing and reversing damaging dynamics – and doing so through an intersectional lens 
  • The imperative for science funding agencies to foster a change towards interdisciplinary, multi-scale, and inclusive research agendas, to help pave the way to greater equality 
  • The call for enhanced and systematic efforts to eliminate gender and racial imbalances in the scientific enterprise and provide solutions to facilitate full participation in science 

The full text of the Declaration can be found here 

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