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INSPIRE & ATHENA International Women's Day Campaign
purple4women campaign

The ATHENA and INSPIRE EU projects are proud to announce the launch of the #Purple4Women campaign in celebration of International Women's Day (IWD). The objectives of this initiative are to:

  • celebrate the achievements of women;
  • educate and raise awareness for the equality of women;
  • advocate for positive change that will advance women.

Every woman has unique qualities that deserve to be recognized and celebrated. The #Purple4Women campaign encourages participants to either:

  • Take a photo of themselves while wearing a customised bracelet and share that photo on social media - download it here
  • Print a poster, take a photo of themselves while holding it, and share that photo on social media - download it here

Additionally, we have also created a social media template with a placeholder where you can add the photograph you’ve taken with the bracelet or poster. You can download it here

The pictures can also be taken as a group within your own organization. It is recommended that the photographs be shared on social media platforms with the hashtags #Purple4Women and #IWD2023. 

For the customised bracelets, you can choose the one that has the sentence that speaks to you the most and spread it around social media.

As EU projects committed to gender equality and inclusiveness, we encourage individuals of all backgrounds to join our campaign.

Feel free to forward this invitation and tag relevant ministries, governments, governmental bodies and organisations, decision-makers at responsible institutions, your coworkers, and friends in social media posts about this campaign!



About the International Women's Day


The eighth of March is International Women's Day, a global celebration of the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. In addition, the day serves as a call to action for advancing women's equality.

IWD has been observed for well over a century, with over a million people attending the first IWD celebration in 1911. Today, IWD belongs collectively to all groups worldwide.


About the projects


INSPIRE develops innovative tools and knowledge to address intersecting inequalities across the public and private sectors and geographical regions in Europe. INSPIRE is Europe's Centre of Excellence on inclusive gender equality in research and innovation. It brings together cutting-edge knowledge, ambitious policy approaches, and innovative practices to provide a gateway for scholars, equality experts, practitioners and trainers to connect and share resources, as well as co-create new ones.


ATHENA is committed to strive towards gender equality, mitigating barriers to the recruitment, retention, and career progression of female researchers, and addressing gender imbalances in decision-making processes. ATHENA delivers and implements Gender Equality Plans (GEPs) in 8 research performing (RPOs) and research funding organizations (RFOs). ATHENA ensures that all people, disregarding their gender, will have the opportunities to express their potential in research and contribute to an innovative, competitive and thriving Europe society.

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