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INSPIRE takes part in GE Summit Virtual Event
inspire booth gs23 africa

A virtual exhibition where you can interact with visitors and present your project's work - who would have thought this was possible only a few decades ago? But luckily for us, technology is working in our favour this time, allowing us to network with similar initiatives from across the globe, create valuable partnerships, and gather inspiration. 

At the beginning of this month, we had the opportunity to take part in the 23rd edition of the Gender Summit Africa, in its virtual event. Not only did we have Elizabeth Pollitzer of Portia as a speaker in the sessions, but we also had our own virtual booth, with a visually appealing presentation of our project that sparked the curiosity of some of our visitors, who later reached out to us for more information. 

We highly enjoyed the important conversations that took place in the sessions, that stressed just how crucial it is to incorporate and include women in issues related to sustainable development (and not only!) and leave no one behind. What is left for us to do is continue to fight for inclusion and INSPIRE others to join our mission! 

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What if we told you that the news about our project has reached the other side of the world? 

That's right, our partners are always enthusiastic to discuss the project's objectives in various events around the world - after all, the discussions on gender equality measurement and intersectionality are not limited to a particular region, but they are happening on a global scale.