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INSPIRE celebrates #GirlsInICTDay
Girls in ICT Day

Every year, towards the end of April, we are celebrating the International Day of Girls in ICT - a recognition of the women and girls who have defied stereotypes and pursued careers in technology and a chance for us to reflect on what should be done to encourage more young women to explore this area. 

This year's theme is "Digital Skills for Life". What are digital skills? They refer to five different areas: 

  • Information and data literacy skills
  •  Communication and collaboration skills
  • Digital content creation skills
  • Safety skills
  • Problem-solving skills 

Digital skills are essential for girls to not only become confident ICT users and creators in the digital world, but also to have the foundation needed to later get close to and thrive in STEM careers. The data shows us there is still a lot of work to be done across the EU, with 52% of all women having basic or above basic overall digital skills

Our project contributes to this mission by working towards a more inclusive world for women in research and academia, a world where inequalities are reduced and women have the freedom to build fantastic careers for themselves. 

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