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Support packages provide a flexible but standardised way to offer high-quality support to gender practitioners. Support packages combine reusable materials with on-demand support elements (e.g., expert advice). This mixed approach is the key to offer high impact yet scalable support. Five support packages are envisioned through the project’s lifetime.

Support package 1

Setting up a Community of Practice (CoP) for equality work

This support package seeks to motivate and guide the creation and development of Communities of Practice (CoPs) that encourage and strengthen the design, implementation and evaluation of inclusive gender equality plans and policies in organisations. This Support Package as a minimum includes consultations with one or more relevant INSPIRE Change Catalysts, access to resources, CoP-work templates and draft Memorandum of Understanding. Expected outcomes: CoP work plan, kick-off report.

Planned to be available in a first version: January 2024

Consult details

This support package provides guidance and practical support to carry out an initial audit for setting up an inclusive Gender Equality Plan. It comprises concrete training videos/guidelines on GEP design, access to a GEAM account, and consultations with relevant INSPIRE Change Catalysts. It will also involve mentoring by 2 experienced institutions in the implementation of GEPs. Expected outcome: initial GEP audit report of the organisation and a draft GEP plan.

Planned to be available in a first version: March 2024

This support package aims to maximise the impact of existing work and/or knowledge of CoPs through the production of a tangible, attractive output such as a policy brief, flyers, posters, or articles. It covers consultations with a contracting designer and/or editorial work. Expected outcome: journal article, training materials, poster, policy brief or other.

Planned to be available in a first version: August 2024

The fourth support package will support evaluation efforts of inclusive Gender Equality Plans. For this reason it targets CoPs who have organisational members with at least one GEP lifecycle implemented. Expected outcome: evaluation report.

Planned to be available in a first version: October 2024

The fifth support package addresses the integration of the gender dimension into R&I content with a special focus on the private sector. It will include training videos and manuals on the gender dimension and relevant expert consultation. Expected outcome: concept note for gender sensitive product and/or innovation.

Planned to be available in a first version: February 2025

How does it work?

Formally recognised Communities of Practice within INSPIRE will receive concrete support via the five dedicated support packages (described above). Each of the 12 CoPs can apply for a total of two support packages during their lifetime from March 2024 to May 2026. The application and subsequent approval and management of each support package will be overseen by the corresponding Knowledge and Support Hubs for each Community of Practice.

Support packages combine existing guidance – a selection of resources, manuals, tools, both from INSPIRE and from other external sources – with monetary resources. These resources may be used to fund relevant support activities as specified in each support package. INSPIRE foresees that a large part of these funds will cover the cost of Change Catalysts or experts to provide context-specific advice or guidance.

Only Change Catalysts and experts listed in the INSPIRE stakeholder database are eligible to be contracted.

As part of the process of defining their work plans, CoPs can configure their support needs and tailor the support packages accordingly, e.g., choosing relevant Change Catalysts, language specific resources, or find mentoring organisations in their geographic region.

Beneficiaries of support packages during INSPIRE are expected to feed their achieved outcomes/results back into the knowledge base of their Knowledge and Support Hub and other Communities of Practice.

The specification, delivery and utility of support packages will be evaluated over the entire support process of INSPIRE. Thus, content and resource requirements will be updated towards the end of INSPIRE, and all five support packages will be launched in their final versions.

Fine-tuned support packages with a realistic idea regarding the costs of different types of support allow CoPs and other practitioners to search for sponsors beyond INSPIRE

How much budget will be available?

INSPIRE has foreseen the support of each Community of Practice with 10.000 Euros, ideally distributed over two support packages. How the support budget is distributed for each package will be decided via negotiations between each CoP (based on their defined work plan, objectives and activities) and their Knowledge and Support Hub.

Want to sponsor a CoP?

If you are interested in sponsoring a CoP, please get in touch via