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INSPIRE engages with regional, national and European policy makers to ensure that our research informs the next generation of policies to create a more inclusive European Research Area.

INSPIRE key research findings with direct policy relevance:
  • inclusive Gender Equality Plans (GEP) indicators and monitoring throughout Europe to feed into future editions of She Figures
  • identification of key conditions leading to GEP impact
  • identification of effective equality, diversity and inclusion policies
  • collection and analysis of best practice policy instruments on gendered (regional) innovation policy
Our main policy events include:

A future visioning event to “Reimagine an Inclusive Gender Equal Future in R&I” where research funders and key policy stakeholders come together to co-create this ‘vision’ feeding into a detailed ‘roadmap’.

Three additional participatory policy events to facilitate dialogue between different actors and stakeholders to explore effective policy pathways for a more inclusive R&I system.

INSPIRE holds 12 Q&A sessions Meet-the-Experts, hosting 1-2 experts/policy makers in each session.
INSPIRE closely collaborates with GenderACTION + to create synergies with national level policy makers and key research funders.

INSPIRE commits to making policy-related outputs and outcomes open, targeting different stakeholders including citizens, to foster progress in the field to enable policymakers to speed up the change.