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Open Call for INSPIRE Communities of Practice

Who can apply?

INSPIRE is looking for existing associations, networks or informal and/or expert groups that want to engage with INSPIRE and become one of twelve INSPIRE Communities of Practice. The open call is directed to groups of minimum five R&I organisations or companies who would apply together to become a Community of Practice, collaborating with a specific Knowledge and Support Hub (KSH). If you are not part of an already existing Community of Practice or topic-related network but are still interested in being part of this innovative change process, please reach out to the Knowledge and Support Hub you are interested in.
What kind of support can you get from INSPIRE? What are your benefits?

INSPIRE will offer you
  • Support on how to setup a Community of Practice (if needed) and additional support on different topics for advancing inclusive gender equality and innovation.
  • Support will include different tools and resources, such as seminars, online training, expert support, guidelines etc.
  • Possibility for participating in INSPIRE activities - from research to co-creation.
  • Expertise of the INSPIRE consortium, a wider selection of experts and cutting-edge knowledge and research and practice generated by INSPIRE.
  • Opportunities for mutual learning and sharing of experiences between peers and similar organisations within and between Communities of Practice.
As a Community of Practice you will be asked to:
  • support and contribute to INSPIRE’s aim of building an evidence base on inclusive gender equality and gendered innovation in research and innovation
  • work together in your Community of Practice on the work plan you develop
  • work on institutional change and/or gendered innovation in your organisations, institutions or companies with the help of INSPIRE support
  • delegate members to participate in INSPIRE events, workshop and research activities and thereby contribute to the development of practical tools and policy recommendations.
For which KSH do you want to apply?
INSPIRE is organised in four Knowledge and Support Hubs that address four different topics:
Sustaining Change
  • target group: CoPs of Research Organisations and Universities
  • you have already implemented Gender Equality Plans (GEPs) and seek to learn more about how to make its activities and achievement more sustainable
Widening Participation
  • target group: CoPs of Research Organisations and Universities
  • your organisations are situated in Central and Eastern Europe and Latin America
  • you are early on in developing and/or implementing Gender Equality Plans (GEPs) in your organisations and seek for expertise with such processes and procedures
  • target group: CoPs of Research Organisations and Universities
  • you want to explore how intersectionality can be included into Gender Equality Plans (GEPs)
  • target group: CoPs of R&I funders and R&I companies
  • you want to benefit as companies from inclusive gendered innovations and implement them.
  • As research and innovation funders, you want to promote gender-specific innovations in R&I programmes
How to apply?

Fill out the application form for the Knowledge and Support Hub with which you would like to collaborate. Please be aware of the fact that you can only apply for one Community of Practice. Please consult the specific requirements of each KSH below and find also the specific application forms:

Before applying, we would be glad to receive your Expression of Interest which will help us get an overview of potential applicants already during the application phase. It allows you also to ask questions concerning your application.        
Please use the following link to submit your expression of interest: Expression of Interest        
Of course, the expression of interest is not binding in any way and you may still change for instance the choice of Knowledge and Support Hub etc.

CoP apply
We are looking forward to creating the future of an inclusive research and innovation landscape in Europe and beyond with you!

The call is now closed.

However, KSH4 is still looking for Cop members - if you are a company or a funding organisation that is interested in joining, or you want to know more about the INSPIRE CoPs, please contact us at: