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Baisner Petersen
University of Southern Denmark
Member since: 2024.01.29
About (in English)
I am deeply committed to fostering diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces.
I currently work as Head of SDU’s Gender Equality Team. I have extensive experience with DEI work in RPOs and through my participation in four EU gender projects to date as WP Leader in FESTA, Coordinator of SPEAR, WP Leader in INSPIRE and member of GENDERACTIONplus and part of its Policy CoP. In my institution I have for the past 12.5 years worked both on a strategic level in collaboration with the Executive Board and with hands-on practitioner work related to GBV and sexism, meeting culture, recruitment, UB etc. driving institutional change and the initiatives have significantly enhanced the DEI efforts and the cultural competences of SDU.

Since 2013 I have been a member of the Vice-Chancellors Equality Board at SDU. I am one of the founders of the national Danish network for gender equality practitioners and heads the network. I also work closely with national bodies and Ministries on larger DEI agendas.
I am a people person and I have a good understanding of co-creating cross-nationally.