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Eva Sophia
University of Southern Denmark, SDU
Member since: 2024.01.29
INSPIRE Consortium
About (in English)
With a background in linguistics, psychology, and organizational development, Eva Sophia Myers has for the past 20 years specialized in organizational change processes in Academia, as in-house consultant, head of faculty administration and leader of SDU’s Gender Equality Team.

Eva Sophia has worked with gender equality as a lever for organizational development in Academia since 2011. She has the past 12 years had leading roles in several EU-funded gender equality and structural change projects. She is active nationally and at EU-level in various equality- and sexism related networks, initiatives and policy advising groups.
Area of expertise, interest, main activities
Gender Equality, Organisational development, structural change through GE, participatory processes, large group facilitation, creative and inclusive process consultation and ethodologies,